Where Are All the Buyers Coming From?

This is why buyers are coming to Southwest Florida from all over the world.
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The topic of the day is homebuyers in Southwest Florida: Where are they all coming from? The answer is everywhere—all over the world. We have buyers coming from Canada, the Northeast, and even the more congested cities in our own state like Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

"Some of our listings are selling very quickly and with multiple offers."

We have families that want to get into larger homes, buyers who want to take advantage of the low, low interest rates, and buyers who have the ability to work remotely now and want a different lifestyle. If you’re even thinking about becoming a seller, you have the opportunity to sell while it’s still a seller’s market and buy a new home with an extremely low interest rate. Some of our listings are selling very quickly with multiple offers, and there are likely buyers out there clamoring for a home like yours. It will be a short season, so the right time to get started is now while demand is high and inventory is low. Since Easter is early this year, we have 60 days left of the prime selling season. This is the busiest we have been and we have the best prices we have seen since 2006! Why not sell now? Why wait?
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