How We Create (and Win) Bidding Wars for You

Generating bidding wars is key to getting the highest price for your home.

If you’re a seller, bidding wars will inevitably result in you getting the highest price—possibly even $50,000 to $100,000 over asking price. We’ve developed a proven system to help our sellers generate bidding wars for their property, and today I’ll discuss how we do it. We’ll start by bringing in a professional photographer and videographer, whose high-quality photos and videos will make buyers feel comfortable touring your home online. That enables them to make an offer on your property without coming to Florida. They don’t want to miss the opportunity; they’ll make an offer if we make it easy for them.

"Bidding wars will inevitably result in you getting the highest price."


Once the photos and videos have been taken, we’ll submit your listing to the MLS. We have over 12,000 local agents working with buyers and over 300 websites worldwide. We’re not the top real estate company in the world for no reason—we simply offer more than the competition. 

When the first offer on your home has been submitted, we’ll broadcast that fact to all the potential buyers who have shown interest. That usually motivates other buyers to submit their own offers, thus kicking off the bidding war. We’ll inform all the buyers that they need to submit their highest and best offers by a specific deadline. In many cases, we’ve been able to get buyers to waive inspections and appraisals, offer an extended closing, or offer a lease-back at no additional cost.

If you want to make the most of this market and get the best price and terms for your property, give us a call or send us an email.

Should You Sell Now or Wait?

Why you shouldn’t wait until the fall to sell your property?

"Should I wait until the fall to sell?” I’ve been hearing this question from clients a lot recently, and my response is always to share the three key advantages of selling a home now:

1. Sellers can currently negotiate extra time to shop. Most buyers don’t need to move until next season. If snowbirds don’t need to use a property, many of them will spend the holidays up north with family and come down to Florida in January. This means you could negotiate a seven- or eight-month closing to lease-back agreement with your buyer. This allows you to move seamlessly and spend more time looking for a property you truly love.

"Now might be the last time to get top dollar for your home."



2. A quick close can save you a ton of money in carrying costs. If you don’t plan on using your property over the summer, I can help you close quickly to avoid carrying costs. This means you won’t have to pay property taxes, HOA fees, utilities, or unforeseen repairs.

3. Housing prices might drop in the near future. Economists predict that prices may correct soon due to rising interest rates. Now might be the last time to get top dollar for your home, so if getting the most money possible is important for you, don’t delay. 

Given these three factors, there’s no reason not to sell now. If you have any questions, call or text today at (239) 248-8000. I’d love to help you.

Addressing Your Fear of Missing the Market

Are you worried you’ve missed the right opportunity to sell your property?

There’s been a lot of buzz about the real estate market lately, and my clients have been asking me a lot of questions. Is the market going to crash? Are market prices going down? Have they missed their chance?

"Selling now could be an ideal opportunity. "

My answer to the last question will always be no. There will always be a market you can participate in. However, the only way for us to know whether we’ve hit the peak of the market is when it starts to go down. All I know is that right now, it’s still a great time to sell. Prices and demand are still high. Offers are still made in record-breaking time, and listings don’t sit on the market for more than 30 days. 

We still have a very strong market. If prices remain the same and you decide to sell today instead of next year, you’ll save six to eight months of carrying costs. Selling now could be an ideal opportunity. 

Rather than worry about if we’ve hit the top of the market, let's focus on how you can maximize your opportunity by selling now instead of waiting. If you have questions, call or text today at (239) 248-8000. I’d love to help you.